Tier 1 – Cleric Healer

Tier 1

Chest: Realm of the FaeGrand Apiarist OrbanRings of the Oldest Tree
Gloves: The Fall of Lantern Hook / RorfCat Clawed Bracers
Feet: The Fall of Lantern HookFlamebringer Druhl / Burning Iron Boots
Legs: Quest: Herald of Discord: Chain Leggings of the Devourer
Belt: Iron TombsRagnoth the DespoilerCord of Mighty Corruption
Mace: The Fall of Lantern Hook / Oludare the FirehoofRaging Stampede
Mace: Foul CascadeTephra Lord MaficrosTephra Lord’s Rule
Dagger: Realm of the FaeFae Lord TwylKing’s Method
Dagger: The Fall of Lantern HookRorf or Pyromaster CortilnaldBlood Drinker
Off Hand: Realm of the FaeTrickster Maelow / Lifeward’s Bauble
Staff: Iron TombsTotek the Ancient / Will of Totek
Ring: King’s Breach / ?? / Yellow Diamond Signet
Ring: Foul CascadeQueen VallnaraDragon Blood Signet
Neck: King’s Breach / Maticore Sentries?? / Venom Charm
Shoulders: King’s BreachRavalos / Ravager Mail Shoulders
Ranged: Foul Cascade / Matron Verosa / Grave Digger
Ranged: Iron TombsCaor AshstoneDeathwalker’s Touch

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