Role Playing (rol yapma) hikayesi

LotRO Online özellikle Laurelin Server’ı tamamen rol yapmaya yönelik bir yapıdadır. Oyunda karşınıza çıkan bir elf sizinle elf dilinde konuşmaya başlayabilir, bir dwarf aksi aksi size söylenebilir, insanlar saatlerce durup pipo içip hikaye anlatabilir birbirlerine. Bu aşağıdaki de benim hikayelerimden biri…

On the way to Bree

Posted April 15th, 2010 by Paganita in


It was an ordinary shiny day in Shire. I was working on farmlands as usual. There are generally lots of people working on Shire farmlands from different nationalities. Because Shire has the best soil to farm. Whatever, I saw an elf talking with a group of hobbit and men next to workbench. He was showing them a receipt and saying that it is the best cook ever. First time in my life I was very happy to be a burgler. But of course I didn’t burgle his receipt I just wanted to see. Sneaky I went close to him and noted down to a parchment I have. Here you can see

That night I asked Faraim how to find that kinda receipt. He knows everything because he travels so much. He even been to Moria. But he don’t like talking about cooks, he just like eating them so he told me I should go to Bree to talk to cooking trainer I talked before. And I decided to go for an other big adventure as big as The Great Boar-Hunt. I cooked all day yesterday for the journey and after the dinner I was riding to bree.


On the way to Bree I found a camp of men. I spent the night in the camp and we ate late night dinner next to campfire and told stories. I asked them about the receipt I heard about. And learned that, that receipt may be concerned with Lothlórien elves. I remeber Eleusis was one of them. I felt so sorry because she was on a journey to an elven city. In the morning they asked me to help them about some wargs attacking their camp.


That quest and some other more was like a practice for me. As reward of my helps they gave me some nice men armor and nice weapons. I stayed there for a while to learn more information. I went to a dark cave full of evil creatures with a fellowship and killed wild creatures on the way. And one day when I was almost going to forget my purpose I saw bree from top of a hill.


Now I’ll focus again to the receipt I want and I’ll go on my big adventure.

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